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Technical and production services

About JEG Productions

JEG Productions is a business established in 2013 offering technical and production services to live events and the arts around Oxford and throughout the UK. Although the business operates mostly within live music and theatre we also have much experience with event management, art installation, service and repair, consultation and museum and gallery fit-outs.

Please get in contact if there is a service you require as even if we were unable to supply, we will almost certainly know someone else local who can!


JEG Productions is operated by James Ball, a technician with over 10 years experience working in and around the arts. Since 2013 JEG Productions has been offering top quality services to artists and arts organisations around Oxford, across the UK and internationally. With shows ranging from small private product launches to some of the largest music festivals in Europe, JEG Productions has a policy of always helping where we can.

After graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in Music, James worked at a number of well known Oxford landmarks from bars and pubs to HMV. After getting a job as a theatre technician at Pegasus Theatre, he was able to broaden his experience set to also include the world of theatre, both touring and in-house productions. Eventually starting to work freelance, JEG Productions was created in 2013 as a trading name for the sole trader business and has been operated that way ever since.

No business operates in a vacuum and in no particular order here are just some of the people, companies, groups and performers that JEG Productions has worked with in the past: