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Technical and production services


JEG Productions has taken on many different projects over the years covering many different areas of art, performance and live events. Please continue reading below for a selection of those varied jobs and an insight as to what JEG Productions could bring to your project.

Production Management

Production managers are those who are responsible for overseeing all the technical aspects of a production, often this involves liasing with various other departments (lighting, sound, video etc), holding budgets for technical work and writing risk assessments to ensure work happens safely. JEG Productions has offered production management services for a number of years and spans areas like theatre and stage productions, outdoor art installations and live music. Some past examples of production management work undertaken include:

"D-Day 75" was a large scale professional and community collaboration showing some of the history of D-Day from those who served at the Greenham airbase near Newbury. D-Day 75 on YouTube

"Ring Out" is a touring outdoor art piece by Ray Lee that conjures up imagary of the sea, bell ringing and 1950s sci-fi. Ring Out on YouTube

Production management requires knowledge of many technical subject areas and JEG Productions is able to bring years of experience to that role. Please get in contact if you require production management services for your next project.

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